Here at Vinnys we bring you traditional Indonesian Nasi Campur made Organic & Vegan with uncompromised flavour. Using high quality ingredients and certified organic produce, we offer you healthy & balanced meals.

Choose from our selection of Organic heritage rice and range of colourful dishes. We promise you quality, delicious taste and absolutely no cruelty.


Vinnys Warung opened in 2017 in Berawa and has just sprouted a new location in Batu Bolong, Canggu. While the menu is 100% vegan, the underlying philosophy is rooted in the celebration of authentic Balinese and Indonesian recipes made with fresh, nutritious ingredients. All produce is locally sourced, certified organic, and only pure, homemade coconut oil is used in the cooked meals. Unlike many vegan restaurants in the area who strive to make vegan food more palatable for the average consumer, often at the expense of the nutritional value of the food, Vinnys maintains a plant-based menu while successfully utilizing traditional spices that allow natural flavours to shine through without anything artificial.

The dishes here are preservative and additive free, 100% plant-based, 90% gluten free, and allergy-friendly. There are also a wide variety of homemade sauces and condiments available which amazingly recreate some of the most popular commercial sauces without anything artificial, and often with unique twists that actually improve these widely loved favourites. Everything is made with love by a team of positive, hardworking local staff who are passionate about the philosophy and enjoy working together to create regular new recipes. The vibes here are all about family, community and well-rounded sustainability, making Vinnys stand out from the rest of Canggus plant-based crowd.


Vinny Homemade is a line of all natural vegan products that came to fruition at early stages of the restaurants operations yet fully came to be during the 2020-2021 pandemic as a way to offer services to those at home during lockdown and attempt to boost sales and keep jobs for Balinese staff. Vinny Homemade features nut butters, milks, sauces, Indonesian classics such as fried shallots, and even superfood facemasks.

Currently available at the restaurants Batu Bolong location, The Canggu Shop, Coco Life Health shop in Ubud, through an online grocery service Bali Jiwa & for shipping throughout Indonesia via Tokopedia. Our products are PLANT BASED. ORGANIC. HOMEMADE , we use absolutely no preservatives, gelling agents or flavour enhancers. We use only certified organic products to create our line of products and make absolutely no compromise on sustainability your health. written by : Pascale Hunt


In collaboration with Vinnys Warung kitchen and Vinnys Homemade products, Vinnys Plant Based Catering is a catering service like no other. Big weddings and small picnic events all featuring healthy and nutritious food, no matter how large the head count. At Vinnys Plant Based catering reviews are always explicit and positive, customers have not yet been disappointed, and many have changed their opinion on plant based / vegan foods. Our food is beautifully served and always delicious, however at Vinnys Plant Based Catering we go so much further than serving food.

We work with one of Balis very best and most established production companies BALI ORANGE DESIGN and offer Photography, videography as well as styling and decor by a former Elle Decoration stylist Ines Hornlein. Whether you are looking for a simple food drop-off or the whole shebang we are here with you every step of the way with focus on each detail. We offer Indonesian and western menus, buffet and ala carte style, and provide tastings before bookings for larger parties. As each event is unique , please email us a few details about your event so we can best serve your needs. For a quick peek at our menus visit


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